The Hidden Life Of Jesus

Today’s daily email from the Catechism really got me thinking about my life as a Protestant vs my life as a Catholic.  The differences in the approach to spirituality really struck me:

104. What does the hidden life of Jesus in Nazareth teach us?

In the course of his hidden life in Nazareth Jesus stayed in the silence of an ordinary existence. This allows us to enter into fellowship with him in the holiness to be found in a daily life marked by prayer, simplicity, work and family love. His obedience to Mary to Joseph, his foster father, is an image of his filial obedience to the Father. Mary and Joseph accepted with faith the mystery of Jesus even though they did not always understand it.

Further reading: CCC 533-534, 564

As a Protestant, the purpose of knowing God is always about being on mission.  God blesses us to bless others.  God saves me so I can proclaim Him to others…thus bringing salvation to them as well.   While this is true in the Catholic’s life as well – we are called to proclaim the gospel with our lives and our words and deeds – there is also a deeper spirituality of being “hidden” in prayer.

This is incredibly freeing.  When there are seasons of my life where I just can’t seem to muster the strength to go on mission – I take great consolation in knowing that part of the mission is to simply be.   To be hidden with Christ, to enter into his hidden life in prayer, this is our first love.  Why do we get so busy with the work of the Lord, that we forget to spend time with the Lord of the work?

The hidden life.  Christ spent 30 years in that hidden life.  Working, living, being with family and community.   I return this season of Lent to the hidden way of prayer.  Mission will come.  The work will always be there.  But it is for whom we work – that is what we must remember.


Exorcism is a sacramental

I have been unusually interested lately in the rite of exorcism in the Catholic church.   I have been listening to a lot to Father Vincent Lambert on many of the YouTube video talks he has given.   On a few occasions, I have heard Fr. Lambert say that the rite of exorcism is a sacramental of the church….not a sacrament.

This struck me as one often thinks of the power of an exorcism when we think of movies about demon possession.  Yet the true power is in the sacraments themselves.   Going to reconciliation (confession) and receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is the MOST powerful way to expel evil from our lives.

In the occasions where someone is truly being tormented by evil, from oppression to possession – the rite of the church as a sacramental is to bring relief to the person afflicted in order to reattach them to the life of grace in the sacraments themselves.   The goal always is to bring someone to Jesus – and the ways that Jesus brings us His grace and power is through the sacraments of the church.

Thanks be to God for the many sacramentals we have – from holy water to rosaries to medals scapulars, and the like.  And thanks be to God for the sacramental of the ministry of exorcism.  In a world becoming increasingly interested in the occult, in witchcraft, in horror of all kinds – we have the answer to help those who have now put themselves under the powers of the evil one.   The answer is always Jesus.   And we find Jesus, most fully and substantially in the Bread of Heaven, the Holy Eucharist.

Giving Up The World

The contemplation of eliminating all social media

I have been pretty remiss in writing anything on this website/blog.  I realize my last entry was about 7 months ago.  And before that…well…some time had passed.

Typically, I just peruse social media like most.  I ditched Facebook over a year ago and tried as an alternative.  That fizzled out since not many of my friends were on the same platform.  I decided from there just to retain Instagram and Twitter.   But lately, I have been noticing new patterns emerge in my life which has me rethinking it all.

app apple cellphone cellular telephone

Photo by Pixabay on

Instagram has been the most “pure” of platforms, or so I thought, to just view photos, click the likes, and send the occasional positive encouragement to someone.   Generally, that is the case.   But I have also observed that I no longer really SEE the photos.  I will often just slowly scroll past beautiful photos, maybe double tap that heart, but not actually SEE the beauty of a photo.


For example, take this beautiful post from @beautysoancient


I liked this one and yet scrolled past it and onto the next posting in the feed.   Did I really take the time to look at the beauty in this photo?  Did I contemplate the beautiful stained glass windows, the altar, the paintings, or even the feelings that it evokes within me if I just spend a few moments really SEEING this photo?

No, I did not.  I just double tapped and kept swiping.   So what is the purpose of Instagram for me if I am not really appreciating the beauty of the photos being shared by wonderful people around the world?   Rather than a simple social media platform, I am noticing that my capacity to appreciate beauty is just diminishing.  The same psychological triggers which are found in all social media platforms are present here….always looking for the next item to tantalize my brain.

I am not sure what I am going to do yet.  I am tempted to make a rash decision, pull the plug and just detach from the world of media and “sharing”.   And maybe I will do that.  I know I could just slow down my scroll, take time to see and appreciate the beauty…but will I?   Coming to know myself is one of the perks of diaconate formation right now.  And knowing me….I’ll just eventually fall back into the same habits given the same environment and stimuli.

The question I am asking is this: What is my purpose in life right now?  Answer – to grow in holiness, perfection, and to become like Jesus Christ as much as possible by the grace of God.    Will continuing with my social connections online help me or hinder me in that goal?   And if I decide to pull the plug – what are the real downsides I am concerned about?   That people won’t be able to find or follow me?  That I will miss something in other’s lives?  I’ll be unaware of the happenings in the world?

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  That seems to be the key point to consider today.

“Nil nisi te, Domine”

For some GOOD news

In our current onslaught of robocalls, ads, junk mail etc – all vying for our allegiance for this year’s election…perhaps raising our hearts and minds to a higher calling could bring some much needed mental relief.

Such a beautiful soul.  While this call to poverty and charity is extreme and not for everyone…it is for EVERYONE to emulate this call in our own lives.   The charism of Saint Mother Teresa is an extreme which is meant challenge the rest of us, to find a way to live at least some of this call in our own lives.

Care for your neighbor.  Feed a homeless person.  Give some clothes to those in need.  Welcome a stranger at church and in your community.  Make time for someone, to listen, to really see them.

St Mother Teresa of Calcutta….pray for us.

The Feast Of The Chair

Today we celebrate the Chair! 

 In September 2016, we started our Camino de Santiago journey by visiting Rome and saw the Chair of St Peter.  It is a pretty awesome site and a beautiful piece of art which points to MORE than a physical chair.

There is more to the story of the actual physical chair…you can read here

The artwork over the chair is just as amazing!  The image of angels and the Dove over the chair – showing us that the Holy Spirit is always leading and guiding Peter in the church…even to today in the current office of Peter…Pope Francis. 

Reading I  1 PT 5:1-4

I exhort the presbyters among you,
as a fellow presbyter and witness to the sufferings of Christ
and one who has a share in the glory to be revealed.
Tend the flock of God in your midst,
overseeing not by constraint but willingly,
as God would have it, not for shameful profit but eagerly.
Do not lord it over those assigned to you,
but be examples to the flock.
And when the chief Shepherd is revealed,
you will receive the unfading crown of glory.